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Why Should You Hire A REALTOR®?

There are a variety of services and resources that a professional REALTOR® can offer to you during your search for the perfect property. When you decide to work with a REALTOR®, services that he or she can offer you include a needs assessment, a continual and thorough search for the right property, and expert negotiation for the best price and terms on your behalf.  The success of a REALTOR® comes not only from exceptional service, but also from acquiring a vast amount of knowledge that pertains to their designated marketplace. An Agent is able to provide information on the trends in the local market, answer questions about various neighborhoods, and can offer objective information about each property in question. A REALTOR® has access to the proper legal documentation and knowledge to create a legal binding contract, will assist you in the bidding process, and can then guide you through the closing process. In addition to this, your REALTOR® will not only recommend external resources that you require for closing (i.e. reliable home inspector, lawyers, etc.), but also collaborates professionally with these parties who are involved in getting the transaction complete.

To take full advantage of all of the valuable services a REALTOR® has to offer it is recommended that once you find an Agent who you feel has your best interests at heart, and has the knowledge and experience required to represent you in the marketplace, that you remain committed to that REALTOR®. Often times the Buyer-Agent relationship is built on mutual trust; by ensuring your commitment to your REALTOR® you can rest assured that they will work tirelessly on your behalf. Conversely, if you tend to move back and forth between several REALTORS® you may find that each REALTOR® has a partial picture in mind of what you are looking for, rather than one REALTOR® knowing your complete vision. It is essential to have your REALTOR® understand your complete vision- it will allow you to find the perfect property much, much sooner.


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