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New Construction FAQs

How do Sutton’s agents acquire land as inventory? How will I know if there is land available from a Sutton REALTOR® in my preferred subdivision/street?

At Sutton, when land becomes available, we carefully select the most desirable blocks (i.e. Lots with green space, spacious lots etc.) For our future clients. Since we put time and effort into our selection, we tend to see our lots spoken for fairly quickly. By clicking here you can select your preferred subdivision and see which lots are spoken for, as well as those that are still available. Because building is a sought-after option in gander, our recommendation would be to keep in constant contact with one of our agents. Our advice would be to make the Sutton team aware of what you are looking for, and the location preferred, so that we can make sure we deliver.


How much is a block of land?

A block of land can cost anywhere from $50,000.00 to $100,000.00; this all depends on the preferred subdivision as well as the characteristics of the block that you choose. At our office we can provide you with a map of the subdivision and land lots available. We would be glad to assist you in matching what you really want and need in a piece of land to your budget.


Do I pay for the block of land myself or does the contractor take on the cost and include it in my mortgage?

In the case where a client has already purchased a block of land, this individual can still choose to team up with us and take advantage of our “turn key” process. Furthermore, based on your lot and plan we will provide you with a quote to build your future home and will reimburse you for the cost of the land. On the contrary, if you are coming to us for the full “turn key” process (i.e. You choose to purchase a lot from Sutton), the quoted price will include your land; thus, the land cost is blended into your mortgage.


Once I have chosen a house plan, who is responsible for paying for the blueprint?

Every “turn key” home must have a corresponding blueprint to provide to the builders. The cost of obtaining your plan in print is blended into the cost of your mortgage.


How much is a deposit for my new build? When am I supposed to provide this amount and to whom?

The standard amount for a deposit on a “turn key” home is $1,000.00. You can provide this amount to your REALTOR® when the terms for your new build is agreed upon in a signed agreement of purchase and sale.


What choices will I have with respect to cosmetic preferences in my “turn key” home?

You will have many choices to tailor your “turn key” home to suit your personal preferences. Once the plan is chosen there will be an allotted budget for you with respect to kitchen, flooring, light fixtures etc. You are able to exercise your style when choosing the material, color and design of your cabinets. Choosing characteristic faucets and light fixtures, unique flooring such as hardwoods, ceramics, or laminate all are options to make your house reflect you. Of course, we recommend staying within your predetermined budget, however, it is your personal choice if you’d like to splurge and pay additional on some features that mean the most to you!


Is everything included such as my landscaping, driveway, and shed?

Yes, all of the above can be include in our “turn-key” home quote that we provide you with at the start. However, please keep in mind that if a road in your area has not yet been paved there will be a delay in completing your driveway and landscaping; thus, we will have a “hold back of funds” for the completion of your home. On the contrary, some people request a quote that does not include these external features, and opt to do them at a later date; this is something that we will do for you since we aim to keep you within a budget that is comfortable for you.


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