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Causes of Market Fluctuations

In real estate, market fluctuations are often attributed to trends related to interest rates and other economic factors. However, the ebb and flow of real estate cycles are also influenced by the seasons. In our experience, and as part of a larger trend, Fall has proven itself to be the second busiest time of year for buying and selling homes and, with the right knowledge and preparation, you can take advantage of a very ripe market.

Like with any season, it’s important to first know what you are looking to buy and what you can realistically afford. Once this is established, you can then begin focusing your search on the homes that meet your buying criteria. Fortunately, the Fall real estate market will often offer as wide of a selection of homes as what is seen in the Spring, with the added benefit of reduced competition between buyers. Spring-time in Gander is especially busy because of military postings, but is also affected by favourable moving conditions and families wishing to transition between homes while their children are on summer break. Combine this comparable selection with comfortable moving conditions, and Fall may just prove to be the right time for you to buy or sell your home.